New on GigaOM Pro: Where the Real World Meets the Web

Picture 3As we saw at last week’s “What’s Next for the Web?” Bunker Series event, we’re pushing the boundaries of the web. The NewNet, as we call it, is blurring the lines between what’s online and what’s real life. From augmented reality apps to location-based services and speech-activated mobile tools, technology is increasingly working to leverage everyday human interaction as its interface with the world. This morning, we have two pieces on our subscription research service, GigaOM Pro, looking at this very trend.

First, Ed Gubbins takes a look at how this shift is impacting the search market, in “How Search Is Evolving Beyond Text.” We wrote a lot last week about the move toward real-time search, but audio, video and image search are growing up, too. Whether its matching input sounds and images with indexed sounds and images or leveraging crowd-sourced metadata on video clips, new tools are helping seekers get the content they’re looking for without relying on the simple text query.

Liz Shannon Miller flips the question on its head to show how web analytics can act as a road map to success for real-world events. As we interact with online content, we leave dozens of digital footprints about who we are, what we like, and where we live.  In “New Use For Web Stats: Finding Hot Markets, Offline,” Liz looks at how everyone from indie films and big-name bands is tapping into this rich data source to build an audience.

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