BlackBerry 5.0, T-Mobile Price Cuts & More Mobile Monday Madness

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What a Monday it is turning out to be for the mobile industry — one major news announcement after another. Three of the most notable include:

  • T-Mobile USA caused a major upheaval yesterday when it announced an everything unlimited plan for $79 a month. You just need to bring your own devices. Jason Devitt, CEO of Skydeck and one of our favorite mobile industry insiders, thinks this is a major development as it indicates that the market might be ready to transition from the culture of two-year contracts and subsidized phones.
  • Verizon (s VZ) is betting that a slew of new devices, including the Android-powered Droid, are going to push its sales up in the coming quarters. The company needs a hit phone badly: It added 1.2 million new subscribers in the third quarter vs. 2 million added by archnemesis AT&T (s T) during the same period.

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