Adobe AIR App Carries Google Voice Across Platforms


GVoice is a slick Adobe AIR implementation of Google Voice that, as Kevin at jkOnTheRun notes today, can run across platforms ranging from PCs to Macs to Linux systems.

“In this early version, the app is exactly like the mobile version I see on my iPhone,” he writes. “Voicemails even play within GVoice. It refreshes the Inbox every minute, so I’m always up to date on my voicemails and text messages without having to look at my phone. Of course, I can send texts from it or initiate a call to a contact from one of my two phones, as well.”

For more from Kevin on GVoice, see the full post over at jkOnTheRun.



Why bother with an AIR app that adds no more functionality than just logging in to Google Voice with your web browser, which also works across platforms…?

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