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Online Video Tech Firm Clearleap Rolls Out Self-Serve VOD Marketplace

We’ve yet to see a web series successfully make the leap onto the TV screen, but digital content companies do have an increasing number of ways to get their shows exposed to TV viewers. The latest is through video delivery technology firm Clearleap, which has launched a content marketplace for cable and IPTV providers. The marketplace includes original series from digital studios like Next New Networks and Revision3, as well as lifestyle and local content from Play Sports TV, MyOutdoorTV and others. Cable and IPTV providers can sort through the shows, then program them for VOD in specific cities, neighborhoods or other targets.

Service providers need to integrate Clearleap’s content and ad management system into their existing VOD programming platform to access the marketplace. The company added its first two large cable providers — Atlantic Broadband and Bresnan Communications — within the past five months; it serves both content and locally-targeted ads for both. Clearleap was founded in 2007; it raised $8 million in a first round of funding from Trinity Ventures and Noro-Mosely Partners.

3 Responses to “Online Video Tech Firm Clearleap Rolls Out Self-Serve VOD Marketplace”

  1. Adam Wright

    Clearleap is a great idea that I think can really help start bridging the divide between WebTV and more traditional models. I know some content providers are already using it to really help with their more A la Carte OnDemand programming needs. Great to see synergy start to happen!

    Saying that, I would like to point out a problem with the first line. There have been a few successful Web to TV jumps. Sofia's Diary both in the Portugal and the UK along with SyFy's Sanctuary.

    (quick plug) If you're interested in more in depth research on this, stay tuned to where our newly christened research department(me!) is specifically looking at this kind of stuff in our first paper Upselling to Television.

  2. Bill Wallace

    Interesting distribution method. I have really been enjoying a few of the web series out there today and would like to them make the jump. Particularly Children's Hospital on the WB and a new fantasy football show called Rules of the League What others do you guys watch?

  3. Phoebe Spanier

    The additional distribution channel makes sense, but I imagine that for successful digital content creators, VOD presents a smaller opportunity, in terms of audience size, than the web.