MySpace In Talks To Share Content With Facebook Via Connect

MySpace and Facebook are working on a deal that would let MySpace users share content on Facebook via Facebook Connect, top executives at both companies tell The Telegraph. The news comes less than a week after MySpace CEO Owen Van Natta (pictured) publicly declared that his firm no longer considers Facebook to be a competitor — and it obviously would reinforce that notion.

Instead, Van Natta, a former Facebook executive, has been focusing his site on content, particularly music, with the acquisition of iLike and a major upgrade to MySpace Music.

Indeed, the Telegraph report specifically notes that MySpace users would be able to easily share MySpace videos and music on Facebook with Connect, so a deal could give those efforts more reach. There aren’t many additional details, and it’s unclear how far along the talks are.

COO Sheryl Sandberg tells the Telegraph, “Hypothetically speaking, as nothing has been formally arranged yet, MySpace could become a Facebook Connect partner — which would allow people to share content they liked from MySpace with their Facebook network.” Van Natta is less specific in his confirmation saying that “a lot of value” can come from partnerships.

A MySpace spokeswoman said the company had nothing to add to the Telegraph report; a Facebook representative would not comment.