HTC Launches Multi-Million Dollar Ad Campaign About ‘You’ To Become Household Name


Credit: HTC

HTC may be the most successful cellphone company you’ve never heard of.

At least that was the headline three years ago when the Taiwanese-based company was getting serious about establishing itself as a major handset maker, like Samsung or Nokia (NYSE: NOK). But unlike those brands, HTC kept a low-profile and allowed carriers to put their names on the devices and take all the credit.

But that’s all about to change. HTC is unleashing a multi-million marketing blitz today with the goal of becoming a household name over the next six months. If successful, HTC’s brand will be in front of 95 percent of the adult cellphone owners — 36 times each before Christmas. In addition, in the top 10 markets, including Seattle, LA, New York and Atlanta, consumers will be reached even more via billboards, buses and other outdoor campaigns. HTC

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