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Weekend Vid Picks: Drunkest Guy Ever, Remixed

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Man walks into a convenience store and tries to buy some beer, and it’s all caught on security camera. Not exactly a set-up for high drama, unless, of course, you’re already so drunk you can barely stand.

The newest viral video icon known only as Drunkest Guy Ever has made quite the rounds over the past week or so, racking up at least 6 million views — and acquiring the now-to-be-expected remixes and parodies. Some people, understandably, have gone with the easy options — putting alternate soundtracks over the footage like Also sprach Zarathustra from 2001: A Space Odyssey

…And Daft Punk’s Around the World.

Showing a little more creativity was Whit Scott, who took the footage, recut it, added black-and-white film effects, and transformed it into a Chaplin-esque short film. His approach to the editing process was surprisingly well-thought-out.

Meanwhile, YouTube user principealverto took the guy’s flailing and used reverse motion techniques to transform his inability to stand into some pretty tight dance moves.

Drunkest Guy Ever has yet to be identified, and honestly who can blame him for laying low? We’ve all had our embarrassing incidents with alcohol. But at least there weren’t security cameras around.

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