Video: Symbian Executive Rips Into Google's Android

Last week, Lee Williams, executive director at Symbian, stopped by our office to brief me on a new version of the operating system that is going to be released soon. He talked about SEE09, their developer conference in London next week. We discussed a whole bunch of things, some of it on video. Toward the end of the video chat, Williams shared his unfiltered views of Google’s Android, including the unease it is causing with handset makers and carriers. I plan on spending the weekend writing a post about Symbian, but in the interim, watch Williams speak his mind about Android. “Android is building a perfect storm of fragmentation,” he said. “I don’t view Apple as evil, just greedy. Google…come on.” Watch the video below the fold.

Right after our Mobilize 09 conference, it became clear that 2010 was going to be the year of Android, thanks to a growing number of Android-powered handsets from makers such as Motorola (s MOT) and Samsung. Some analysts are forecasting that by 2012 it will be the second most popular smartphone OS, behind Symbian, the operating system that powers most of Nokia’s high-end phones. According to Gartner, Android’s share will be at 18 percent of all smartphones sold globally in 2012, or about 94 million users out of 525 million.

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