iPhone App Monitors MiFi 3G Usage

mi-fi-for-iphoneDon’t ask me how I’ve held out from getting a MiFi, but somehow I have — even after this great review. Like James, many of you have purchased one of these little 3G devices that creates a Wi-Fi hotspot bubble around you. And because that hotspot supports multiple devices on one 3G account, that 5GB bandwidth cap can loom in the back of your mind. If you use an iPhone or iPod Touch to leverage that 3G connection, a free app I read about at GottaBeMobile should help.

The software (App Store link) is called Mi-Fi and it serves a few purposes. First, it monitors signal strength and your 3G throughput — both upload and download traffic — so you have a feel for how much bandwidth you’ve used in a session. The Mi-Fi software also taps into your MiFi hardware to display your IP address and, more importantly, the battery charge of the portable hotspot.

Maybe Santa will bring me a MiFi for Christmas, and if he does, I’ll surely be adding this app to my iPhone. I would like to see the software tap into the monthly bandwidth usage data in the future though. Session info is good to have, but if I could see usage since my last bill, that would be great. Setting an alert when getting close to the 5GB limit would be even better. In the meantime, folks can always get their monthly usage directly through a carrier app or the web.


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