Hands On With Apple's Magic Mouse


One of the highlights of Apple’s recent flurry of product releases was the arrival of its Magic Mouse — a sleekly designed, wireless, multitouch mouse that allows you to drag a finger up and down the middle of it to scroll. At $69 it’s expected to be a hot seller over the holidays. Not everybody can find it in their local Apple Store yet, though, but Olly Farshi found one in Helsinki and he provides an interesting video demonstration of it here.  It looks cool.


Randy Giusto

I have yet to use an Apple mouse that does not inflict wrist pain after a month of use. They are beautifully designed but not very ergonomic.


Like my Mighty Mouse just fine. But, I still ordered a Magic Mouse to try it.

Hey, I go back to when the professional skeptics didn’t want to try anything even called a mouse and Command Line was to rule forever.

Mark Kelley

That scrolling feature has been available on the Logitech MX Air (which I use with my mac) for a long time. Am I the only one who had trouble with the Mighty Mouse (Apple’s last mouse product)?

Randy Giusto

Nope! I ditched the Apple keyboard and Mighty Mouse after a month, switched to Logitech’s keyboard for Mac and MX, and no more pain! That little nub in the Mighty Mouse really torqued the finger after a while.

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