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Hands On: Magic Mouse

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Our very own Olly Farshi dropped by his local Apple Store in Helsinki and was kind enough to hook us up with a quick hands on video looking at Apple’s new Magic Mouse. So, enjoy!

28 Responses to “Hands On: Magic Mouse”

  1. Mine lasted about week 1/2 on the batteries. Have to change after two weeks. Have to turn it off after use to save battery life. A total pain.

    They should make a mouse pad that charges it when low.

    I’m using my old mighty mouse again.

  2. no middle click? Than it completely useless for any one using professional apps. Any 3d app like Maya, Silo, Houdini, Modo, etc ALL USE MIDDLE CLICK. ANY compositing app like NUKE or SHAKE or FUSION use middle click. Whats with an i7 nahelm and no middle click for pro apps?? I love Apple, and as good as this mouse COULD be, its worthless to any pro without a middle click. How unthoughtful and ignorant of them to not include a middle click option for pro users and consumers alike. When it comes to mice Apple are idiots. Ill never give 70 bucks for a mouse that removes real functionally for a damn gimmick. Id rather deal with cleaning the MM than have no midde click. Its essential to me for my job. And the blatent disregard for a middle click tells me maybe apple isnt in touch with is customer base as it thinks. How dumb can JOBS be to not think a middle click is needed, especially on a pro powered i7 machine.

    • I couldn’t agree more… as a maya user this mouse is junk. How hard would it be to include a three finger middle click option? seriously WTF? Apple: pay a programmer for a week FFS and include a middle click update…

  3. I make it a point not to go to the Apple store until I’ve watched a few videos on a product. Admittedly, I’m a bit compulsive with my purchases (especially Apple products) so care must be taken.

    After watching this video and a few others, I’m tempted to buy one to go with my Macbook. I’m also thinking of a new 27″ Imac come the first of the year, but that’s still in debate.

    I’ll probably hold off until next payday by which time I think Apple will have shipped the updates for multi-touch. One can hope, eh?

    Thanks for giving us a first look at the device!

  4. It’s nice Apple innovated and did something other than a normal mouse but paying more fore a device with actually less funtionality than the Mighty mouse?
    The tiny trackball currently does everything the new swipe giestures can do but it has 2 other tricks the magic mouse can’t do. No squeeze for expose and no middle click for gadgets.

    I’m going to stick with MightyMouse for now.

  5. Cousin Dan

    The middle click thing would limit me. I use it for web browsing and for some software like sketchup (holding middle click allows you to pan 3D models and is very useful). I also use the squeeze on my mighty mouse to access my dashboard, perhaps this is overcome with swiping. I do want one but I need that middle click.

    Excites me more than Windows 7 which according to microsoft’s own intro video makes things both faster and quicker!

  6. In it’s current state, the multi-touch functionality doesn’t work? That kinda makes the mouse not very exciting, doesn’t it?

    The idea of multi touch is really neat, but it’s hard to believe Apple would ship it without the software being ready.

    • I used one at my local Apple Store and multitouch was working. It even had the preference pane installed. I’m not sure what they’ll add in the 10.6.2 update as it all seems functional now.

      I’m really curious about the vid, I wonder if the commentator bothered to look at the prefs.

  7. Two problems with it:

    1) It is too flat and doesn’t fit the natural curvature of the hand placed on it.

    2) The material used is not swipe friendly. The texture should have been like the trackpad on the laptops.

    But other than that it looks quite sleek sitting on the desk.

    • In response to your #1 point, Apple mice aren’t made to fit the curvature of the hand. Instead, you’re supposed to hold them with just your fingertips making contact with the mouse, and your hand naturally forming a curve but not touching the mouse. This allows greater precision with small mouse movements since you need only move your fingers while your wrist is on a pivot, rather than moving your entire hand.

      This is the direct opposite of most Logitech mice which are marketed as “ergonomic” and tend to meld with your hand, try become an extension of your hand.

      Which design is “better” is left entirely to personal preference, but I’ve found a lot of people don’t think the Mighty Mouse (now Apple Mouse) is very comfortable simply because they were trying to grip it with every part of their hand. No doubt it will be the same with the Magic Mouse all over again.

  8. While the multi-touch part is very cool and the mouse is gorgeous, I fail to see the value in this $70 mouse.

    I love apple products, I own a lot of them, however a mouse that literally does the same functions as a $9 mouse (left click, right click, scroll up/down/left/right) seems a bit of a bad value.

    I was really hoping that they’d allow Multi-touch pinch/zoom and even enable 3 finger gestures (a 4th finger would get crowded), but seriously the mouse doesn’t do anything special.

    Multi-touch has so much potential, maybe Apple will release a software update later, or perhaps open up the API so developers can utilize the multi-touch surface.

    I was really just hoping for a desktop version of the trackpad that comes on the MacBook Pros, the 3-finger and 4-finger gestures are very useful.

    Not saying I won’t buy it, I probably will, but I was hoping that the mouse would at least allow pinch/zoom. Even though I know it’ll probalby give you carpal tunnel real fast.

    • DistortedLoop

      That’s part of the Apple Reality Distortion Field, the company’s ability to make rational people like you and I feel we just have to have their latest product, even if it is overpriced and not really that fantastic. ;-)

      On the other hand, supposedly the next update of Snow Leopard may have new and improved features built into it that offer more multitouch magic for this mouse. SL 10.6.2 supposedly on the verge of release…maybe even next week to beat the actual release of this mouse to the unwashed masses…?

  9. DistortedLoop

    Over here in the US, the stores that do have them on demo/display have them wired down with the typical Apple anti-theft cabling, which led me to joke that it’s not a wireless mouse on Twitter.

    Anyways, I’m not sure how valid a rave review of the magic mouse is if you couldn’t try out the features that make it “magic”. That said, seeing it in your hand and how slick it looks and seems to fit is making me reconsider my earlier lean towards not getting one.

    Thanks for the video.

  10. jobbogamer

    I have a question:
    That thing’s wireless, and there’s no security tag or anything on there… What stops you putting it in your pocket and taking it home?
    I know there’s a sticker on the bottom, but that would peel off easily.
    Any ideas?

    • Two things:


      People don’t tend to do that kind of thing in Finland. Yes, it happens, but it’s a very different place to England or the U.S.

      Over here, for example, in a café I’ll leave my wallet and iPhone on the table when I go outside for a cigarette. Back in England, I wouldn’t even do that if I was still sat at the table.


      Having said all that, the staff member at the store was actually keeping the Magic Mouse under the front desk. Although I think that was because that was the only unit they currently had in.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if they leave several Magic Mouses (Mice?) out once they receive more.

    • jobbogamer

      Good points, I understand about the whole iPhone/café thing in England and the US.
      I suppose people who go into the Apple store also aren’t as likely to want to do that, either.

  11. I played with one last night at my local Apple Store (Tyson’s Corner, VA) and I think I’m definitely sold on one. I was hoping I would find some flaw with the mouse that would save me $70, but nope. The thing is perfect. It feels perfect in my hand, left & right click are perfectly responsive and the multitouch scrolling works beautifully.

    My ONLY gripe with the mouse is a lack of a middle click, but I’m not sure why, as I’ve never middle-clicked anything in my life and often hate the clicky scroll-wheels.

    I’m definitely buying one. Constantly harrassing the local Apple Stores to find out when they’ll be available in the retail locations (this man don’t pay shipping :) ).