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Facebook News Feed No Longer Just in Real Time

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facebook-logoFacebook has just rolled out an updated version of its news feed that lets users switch between viewing a live version and an older one, where they can see what’s happened since they last logged in. Screenshots of possible news feeds Facebook was testing out began circulating around the web earlier this month.

The social network overhauled the design of its news feed back in the spring to put the stream of real-time updates down the center of the page — similar to micromessaging site Twitter. It also created a “Highlights” section on the right-hand side of the page that contained select older content about your friends’ activity on the site, such as recently uploaded photo albums and links to articles and videos your friends shared. The new version is moving the “Highlights” section to the middle of the page, where it was located prior to the spring redesign.

When asked if Facebook is rolling out the new version to get away from looking similar to Twitter, Facebook product manager Peter Deng said, “I don’t think we were trying to be like Twitter. Status updates have been on the page since 2006.” He added: “We’re showing you content that’s more popular when you first log in. But when you switch to live feed, it looks how it does today.”

The latest news feed design just went live; it will be gradually rolled out to all of Facebook’s 300 million users throughout the day.

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10 Responses to “Facebook News Feed No Longer Just in Real Time”

  1. Jocelyn Rose Bingham

    Thank you Mrs. Martinez for the well written piece on Facebook. If I had a Facebook page, I would want a live feed that showed my humble apology for my teenager-self who disrespected your mother and her generousity. I would apologize to you as a friend who lost your trust. I would apologize to James for putting his innocence in the mix of my sadness and misguidedness. Please know my eyes are open and now I see. Thank you and God Bless! Love and Peace.

    • this is a gigantic convuluted mess…probablie devised so FB can have more adds per page …because it seems to increase the pages you have to view to find info about some one you actuallie know or want to see a photo of …do i need to know when a friend friends a friend???? if i reallie do i can go to their wall. i don’t know if i can sleep tonight knowing i have this mess to wake up to…

  2. the 2 new features Live and News feeds will have a greater impact on once own updates. Live feeds just make every body feeds(including once own) appear which is similar to the previous one whereas News feeds will list only the feeds that are popular and this popularity is based on the number of comments and Likes received to a feed.