Dell Adamo XPS Caught on Video — Thinner Than Air

UPDATED: If the sneak peaks that Dell has offered of the super-thin Adamo XPS are intended to get our geek motors cranked, they have been successful. Only a handful of quick glimpses have been offered to date, so this 2-minute video of the XPS is a welcome treat. This is the first notebook in memory that redefines the design and function of how a such a device does even the simplest things, like opening the lid.

The video shows in detail how easily the Adamo XPS opens once the heat-sensitive strip is touched on the lid. The unique hinge causes the XPS to rest on a surface at a tilt, giving the keyboard a delightful ergonomic angle. The only question it raises is how the XPS would be used in the lap. I’m not sure it can be used like a laptop of old.

UPDATE: Apparently Dell wasn’t happy with the video creator as the clip has been taken down, at least for now.

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