Need Windows 7 Drivers? Check RadarSync

radarsyncOne of the big “gotchas” of Windows Vista ought not to be a problem with Windows 7. In my usage of Microsoft’s new OS over the past year, I’ve noticed far greater hardware support through proper drivers. The same can’t be said of Vista at launch time, but I’m not looking back. Still, there might be the occasional missing or outdated hardware driver here and there. That’s where RadarSync comes in.

RadarSync has opened up its driver database for free access to the public and offers searches by device manufacturer or device name. I hit it up to look for my Toshiba netbook’s Alps Touchpad Drivers and found them easily. I probably should have checked sooner because I was missing the scrolling capability on my netbook after installing Windows 7. RadarSync gets updated every other day, and the Windows 7 repository was started up back in March of this year, so it’s fairly extensive. Links to all drivers are pointing directly to the manufacturer’s servers, so you’re downloading the real deal. Obviously, I can’t guarantee that RadarSync will have the driver you’re looking for, but it’s worth a try if you need to easily track one down and Windows Update isn’t cutting it.


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