Windows 7 Brings Internet TV Features


You may have heard this, but Windows 7 is launching today. Check our mothership, GigaOM, for more comprehensive coverage on what Microsoft’s (s MSFT) new OS means, but there is some news for NewTeeVee-ers out there.
Windows Media Center in Windows 7 now includes Internet TV, and will feature content from a number of partners. We’re all Mac all the time here at GigaOM, so if you’ve picked up Windows 7, let us know how these new features work out.

Here’s a breakdown of the Internet TV content, and other newteevee-like features available in Windows Media Center in Windows 7:

  • CBS Audience Network: Featuring shows from CBS Primetime, Daytime, Extras, and TV Classics, including full-length episodes of current TV shows, CBS Classics TV shows, short clips, and Web originals.
  • Full Zune Video Podcast Library: Full TV episodes, webisodes, clips, and videos from providers including ABC News, CBS News, CNBC, CNET TV, Comedy Central, Current TV, The Discovery Channel, Fox, G4 TV, HBO, MSNBC, NBC, Showtime, and Revision 3, along with some of the best user-generated videos on the Web.
  • MSN and Clips and full length episodes from TV shows such as Arrested Development, news and weather from MSNBC, weather forecasts, news, music videos, movie trailers and more.
  • Netflix: watch movies and TV episodes from Netflix directly in Windows Media Center.

Other Windows Media Center Features in Windows 7:

  • Watch Live TV on Your Windows 7 PC: Add a TV tuner to a Windows 7 PC to watch, pause, and rewind live TV directly on your computer. Use your PC as a DVR to schedule recordings of TV shows and movies.
  • Stream Digital Media from your Home PC: Access Windows Media Center digital media even when you’re not at home by using Remote Streaming.
  • Watch Recorded TV Shows on your Zune or Windows Phone: Sync your recorded TV shows with your Zune digital media player or Windows Phone.
  • Access all your Personal Media in One Place: Windows Media Center brings in all digital media stored on the PC – photos, movies, music, and recorded TV shows – into one place. And new with Windows 7 you can use Home Group to access digital media in Windows Media Center from other PCs in your network.

As a bonus for all you UK folk, TDG reports that if you can’t get satellite, Windows 7 will make a fine alternative since the Sky Player is available in Windows 7 Media Center.



Watch TV on Windows 7? I think it must need a lot of bandwith to make it work.


i just got new laptop with windows 7 but i cant (or dont know )how to get it to work the tv on it maby its just me but it says i need a tv tuner how do i get that they way they show it says that you get tv not you need other things to work it

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