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PHOTOS: 10 Cars in Japan's Hybrid Electric Blitz

From hybrid heavyweights Toyota (s TM) and Honda (s HMC), to Nissan (s NSANY), with its visions of electric world domination, to smaller brands like Suzuki, Subaru and Mitsubishi, Japan’s automakers are gearing up for a global hybrid and electric blitz. Some of the front runners in that move are on display at the Tokyo Motor Show, which kicked off Wednesday with a press preview, and will open up for the general public later this week.

The show is usually one of the auto industry’s largest annual events, but it has a relatively low turnout this year, with most foreign firms staying out of the fray amid tighter budgets and increased focus on faster-growing markets. The green cars, however, are out in force. Here are 10 of the coolest, craziest and even a few realistic hybrid and electric models taking the stage in Tokyo.

One Response to “PHOTOS: 10 Cars in Japan's Hybrid Electric Blitz”

  1. waltinseattle

    I bet my idea of craziest and his are not coextensive. The GLIDER is the only one that appears to be a “1/2 width” package, tho we have been shown a number of these “crazy” things recently. Seems this is also the future for vans etc on the continent. The Mitsu van looks impressively pragmatic. The rest look like the norm: that is reworks of the available look or more of the designer nonsense that is so popular with “the future of transportation” in general.

    I’d like some wider ranges of pix please? The shows don’t sem to want to provide this, and all the reports are so so limited. Somebody please satiate us!!!