Yahoo Will Launch a New News Blog

yahoo-office.pngBig Media companies, get ready for more competition, this time from Yahoo (s YHOO), which is finally embracing its inner media company. Yahoo is planning to launch a new News blog that will combine traditional reporting and linking, according to Andrew Golis, deputy publisher of Talking Points Memo, who is joining the new effort. He blogged about his move, noting that the name and other details of the effort will be outlined soon. Yahoo is already a top news site and this new blog is going to be part of Yahoo News.

Yahoo is following in the footsteps of AOL, which has benefited from its ownership of Weblogs’ family of blogs. AOL has extended that knowledge and built a big network of popular web destinations that are helping it rustle up display dollars. With their big Internet audiences, both AOL and Yahoo have an opportunity to push the main media entities into the background.

The sheer scale of these companies will make them attractive options for large brands that are shifting their dollars from the dying print and television media to the web. For newspapers with healthy web traffic: Time to start thinking about how you’re going to sink or swim in this era in which you’re going to compete with Yahoo and AOL. (Related post: Why for AOL, the Future is Content.)