The Party Line — Phone Buzz of the Day


Here are some of today’s phone conversations I enjoyed reading or viewing on the web, along with some brief thoughts:

droid-dateVerizon Droid has a double-date (Gearlog) — OK, this whole Droid thing is shaping up to be more mysterious than the Lost and Flash Forward shows. It’s a safe bet that this Android 2.0 über-handset is set for an October 28th release date, based on the coded countdown clock on the product page. But Gearlog got a Droid postcard with a November 9th date as well. Is that the day when the Droid connects to SkyNet or something? Any guesses on that one?

Google Maps for BlackBerry more like an onion (Google Mobile) — You won’t cry though — these layers don’t affect your eyes like an onion does. It’s the map layers I’m talking about. Google Maps has ’em and BlackBerry users want ’em. Just go grab version 3.2 of Google Maps for your ‘Berry and the problem is solved.

Palm Pre apps listings on Twitter (PreCentral) — While Palm now has a website to showcase apps for the Pre, a more immediate notification might be useful for when a new title joins the App Catalog. Say hello to @PreNewApps on Twitter and follow if you like. The timing is pretty good as well since there’s a good two dozen new titles that were added today. Two that stand out come from the Mark/Space team: Fliq Notes and Fliq Tasks, both of which will sync with a computer using Missing Sync in the very near future.




Oct. 28 is when they have a private event for the media officially announcing the phone. The phone will be released in November.

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