How the Web Is Changing — Event Videos & More Analysis


GigaOM Pro screenshot stacey video Earlier this week, we hosted our “What’s Next for the Web?” event here at our office, dividing the discussion along three basic topics: context, consumption and serendipity. After taking a few days to digest all the conversations and comments, we’ve now posted two long analyses over on our GigaOM Pro research service (subscription required). We have also posted the videos of the event; you can find them below the fold.

The first report is entitled “Call it Real-Time, Squared or NewNet, the Web Is Changing.” In it, we discuss how information overload, end-user privacy and enterprise security are going to reshape the web — and our expectations of it.

The second is called “Improving Search With Serendipity — and Cashing In.” In this analysis, we talk about the need to build systems that surface valuable and actionable information from an ever-expanding ocean of data. In addition, we talk to well-known author and technologist John Hagel about how to monetize serendipity.

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