Dell’s Android MID — Everything but a Phone, Which Might be Good


I’d say Dell just beat the pants off of my homebrewed Android UMPC. The Dell Streak and its lovely 5-inch multitouch display just made an appearance over at SlashGear and it looks sweet from a form factor perspective. The video demo gets a bit choppy at times, so I can’t be sure if the device has a little lag or if it’s an issue with the video. Regardless, it’s likely that the device on camera isn’t a final version, so there could be optimizations to come.

The 800 x 480 resolution is just about the right size for this screen — perhaps it could stand to be a wee bit higher, but it’s pretty, nonetheless. Streak runs on Android 2.0 and while it offers no cellular voice capabilities, it does provide for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G connectivity. Perhaps you could get by on a cheap feature phone or pre-paid voice plan and tote this around instead of smartphone? I’d be tempted to try. There’s also a 5-megapixel camera on the back, front-facing camera and an input jack for a dock on the bottom.



Is this a phone or what, I hope we can insert a sim on it and make a call that would be a buyer’s choice


I’m not so certain I like Android on these things. The Nexus One surely will be best with Android, but like the Archos 5 IT. Android is a bit much when really web browsing, music, and video are what I’d primarily do with it. The Archos 5 IMT’s OS may be glitchy and basic, but I like how usable and direct it is. If I wanted apps, I’d go with a crappy little iTouch and call it a day. I want storage and a beautiful screen for 3 simple tasks. Lets hope Dell charges less than the Archos 5 for this thing.


800×400 is so 2006, the Fujitsu U820 has a full WSXGA 1280×800 in a 5.6″ touch screen. The I.D. is nice, they got the fetish thing down.
No media slots though, that’s the big gripe on the iPhone they could have fixed.

Jonathan Cohen

Critical for me would be its compatibility with the Android Store. If it’s a one-off like the new Archos which requires its own store, I’d be loathe to try it…

Gunnlaugur Reynir

If 200-300$ I will buy this thing, with out a doubt. But much over 300$ I’d rather wait for the iPad.


Not bad – not as interesting to me as the Entourage eDGe, but not bad at all. I decided some time ago that I really want a handheld/tablet for my next computing device, and while I’d previously been dead-set on it having a full desktop operating system (hence my strong interest in the Viliv X70), the Android models coming out have shaken that resolve pretty thoroughly. A decent Apple tablet would still have something of a home-field advantage for me, given how thoroughly my music library is tied to iTunes. Assuming Apple ever releases one, that is. Let a thousand tablets bloom!


Kevin – I rarely say it to you – might be the first I ever dare … but you seem to be missing the point here.

Thet front camera for video calls (Skype) if truly that – is the huge differentiator from any other Android device out there.
Also if this is not a phone – then at least it is now on par with the Viliv S5.


Kevin C. Tofel

Tal, not sure I’ve missed the point. I mentioned the front-facing camera and although I didn’t specifically call it out for use in video chatting, I have little doubt that’s what it’s for. ;) As far as it being a huge differentiator, maybe. We don’t know when this device will be available and therefore we don’t know what other Android devices (that may also have a front facing camera) could be out at the same time. It’s also too early to call the camera a differentiator without knowing how well it works. I haven’t seen an ARM-powered device with front facing camera that made me say: I HAVE to have it because that video calling rocks. :)

I get your point, but I don’t think the addition of front-facing camera on an Android device makes it the end-all, be-all one to have…. at least not yet, given the little info we have so far. Believe you me: I’m a fan of this type of device. As I’ve said repeatedly, I’m on the fence between adding an Android handset and a non-phone Android device. :)


Reminds me of the old Sony UX minus the sliding keyboard. Not sure if toting around a 5 inch screen is really pocketable though – the larger PPC’s with 4 inch screens are already big enough for carrying on a belt or fitting inside a jacket pocket.

I do think that striking the phone isn’t a bad option. I’ve gone that path with prepaid and it does work. Suffice to say, the non-phone device should be feature packed so that it gives you everything else you DO need. One of the big things I miss from the Zune HD, for example, is lack of BT support for in-car audio streaming.

I could easily put together a laundry-list of features I’d build into a dream device like this, even without a phone. Yes, a Sprint TP2 would do everything I need, but it’s over $350 and requires me to commit an additional $2000-plus over two years. Offering the TP2 as a prepaid phone would take the sting out, but I would then be left paying $500-600 for the handheld – an amount taking me into high-end netbook territory. Given the options available today, $200 should be the limit for a top-of-the-line smartphone, but that’s another topic for another discussion. :(


gorgeous device, puts the archos to shame. Thought Dell was out of the PDA market (this isn’t a phone)? Oh I guess they were only out of the windows mobile market!

hope the battery life doesn’t suck like the Axim x5 series did

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