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Children’s Hospital to Air on Adult Swim

Children’s Hospital, the hilarious and star-studded TV hospital drama spoof from, is getting the call to TV, with a slot to air on Adult Swim in the summer of 2010. And unlike other web-to-TV shows like The CollegeHumor Show and Secret Girlfriend, what plays on TV may actually be the web series itself or a minimally modified version of it.

Jonathan Stern of Centrifugal Films, producer of Children’s Hospital, Wainy Days and Hot Sluts, told us he didn’t want to disclose too much about the deal before it’s officially announced but that the TV show would start shooting in December, and will probably include much of the same team from the web series. He said it’s possible the existing episodes of the series may lead off the TV airing, though they’d probably be concatenated together to fit Adult Swim’s 15-minute time slots.

The members of the web show cast are no strangers to TV: director, writer and star Rob Corddry is well known for his work on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and he’s accompanied by Lake Bell (Boston Legal), Erinn Hayes (Worst Week Ever), Ed Helms (The Office), Rob Huebel (Human Giant, Arrested Development) and Megan Mullally (Will and Grace). Plus the voice of Stephen Colbert and a cameo by Eva Longoria Parker. Mullally, for one, indicated in an interview with the LA Times that she’s signed on for the Adult Swim series.

The original run of the show had 10 episodes; a reported mention of the TV deal at Dragon Con last month said “Seventeen 11-minute episodes are being produced.” and Adult Swim are both part of Time Warner (s TWS).

Back when it came out last December, our reviewer Steve Bryant loved Children’s Hospital for its spoofy attitude: “a pastiche of pastiches spliced into a loose narrative frame. It sorta feels like it takes place in between the frames of a TV show, a parallel universe that may be web comedy’s best aesthetic yet.”

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