Are You Ready for the NFL at NewTeeVee Live?

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Laura_goldbergWe are excited to announce that the National Football League will be at our upcoming NewTeeVee Live conference on November 12.

Laura Goldberg, general manager for, will talk about fantasy football. Yes, fantasy football. As we’ve written recently, fantasy football isn’t just for fun — it’s big business that’s growing thanks to the web.

Fantasy sports is more than just a past time, it extends the TV watching experience in a way that gives audiences a personal stake in what they see. Fantasy football players don’t just care about their home team games, they care about every game, and traffic to sites like is up on non-game days as people constantly check back in for news on their players.

There are lessons to be learned from the NFL when it comes to harnessing the power of audiences. Fantasy hobbies are spreading beyond football into most major sports and even non-sporting entertainment like American Idol, and there are opportunities for web businesses and entrepreneurs alike.

The NFL is a fantastic addition to our NewTeeVee Live conference, which also includes talks and chats with Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix; Amy Banse, president of Comcast Interactive; Quincy Smith, president of CBS Interactive; Marc Whitten, general manager of Xbox LIVE; Anthony Wood, CEO of Roku, and much more.

Get your tickets today!

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