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Confirmed: Microsoft Reaches Deal To Bring Twitter And Facebook Data To Bing

Updated: Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) has reached deals with both Twitter and Facebook to include real-time feeds from both sites in Bing’s results. The Twitter deal had been rumored for several weeks, although the addition of Facebook data to Bing comes as a surprise. Under the Twitter partnership, Bing users will now be able to search for a query, and then immediately see a constantly refreshing stream of Tweets roll in. The results can be filtered by date or by “best match.” A beta version of the feature — which you can visit here — just went live; the Facebook tie-in will follow at an unspecified “later date.”

All of the major search engines have coveted some sort of deal with Twitter, since the microblogging service is being widely used to search for what people are thinking about a certain topic at a given moment. Facebook’s use as a real-time public pulse finder has been more limited, since so many Facebook users keep their status updates private. That is slowly changing, however, because of recent changes Facebook has made to its privacy settings.

The deal is a coup for Microsoft because — as Kara Swisher, who first reported the news, points out — Bing will now be able to offer access to data that Google (NSDQ: GOOG) does not have. Google does index Facebook and Twitter for public status updates, but there is a significant lag. Microsoft’s advantage, however, may not last long. Google too has been talking to Twitter and Facebook about getting access to their real-time feeds, and Microsoft’s deals with both Twitter and Facebook are reportedly non-exclusive.

Microsoft did not release any financial terms of the deals, but earlier reports said a deal could involve a “several million dollar

7 Responses to “Confirmed: Microsoft Reaches Deal To Bring Twitter And Facebook Data To Bing”

  1. Troglydyte

    What a great idea!…for Bing. How exactly does this help Facebook? They reported today that they get 8 Billion minutes per day. That's per day. 2 Billion photos get uploaded each month. They have 300 million users, 50% of whom log in each day. How exactly do they benefit from allowing search engines to share their content with the outside world? Increased page views? – actually the contrary. If people don't need to go to facebook to see updates or friends information, they'll get it off Bing and reduce their facebook use. It be one thing if facebook were integrating Bing and forcing all Bing users to use facebook. Whoever negotiated this for facebook probably worked for IBM in a previous career — ya know, the one who said "let the nerdy kid from Seattle have the license revenue…it won't amount to anything."

    Fortunately for Facebook, their users will probably explode in rage and force them to drop this silly deal

  2. goog paid ~$1.5B for youtube back when folks were saying the bandwidth costs alone would put youtube under, recall?

    why wouldn't microsoft finally get up off their wallet and pay whatever it takes to finally OWN something that might have a future.

    i read somewhere else to "stay tuned: google will most likely be signing their deals in the next few weeks"

    yeah, maybe they'll just BUY them.