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VIDEO: Fake Chamber of Commerce Press Conference, Wow

So there’s not too much for cleantech entrepreneurs and innovators in this video — except maybe PR lessons — but still, check out the clip of the fake press conference that the prankster vigilantes the Yes Men put together posing as the Chamber of Commerce and fake-announcing that the Chamber has reversed its position on climate change. It’s hilarious, particularly in the typical National Press Club set up, which is half-filled with journalists wearing dark blue suits. Best part: when the real Chamber of Commerce executive tries to stop the fake press conference and a journalist tells him that he needs to keep listening to the fake conference because he’s on deadline.

For those not familiar with the Yes Men, here’s another clip of them posing as a Dow Chemical exec and pretending to take responsibility for an environmental disaster caused by Dow (and of course they have a movie in the works).

3 Responses to “VIDEO: Fake Chamber of Commerce Press Conference, Wow”

  1. Bob Wallace

    Apparently a good piece of theater, worth the effort.

    It got a lot of air time on public radio along with discussion of what the Chamber has been up to lately and how some members have been quitting in protest.

    Has gotten a lot of web attention.