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Vid-Biz: Fox Digital, Spending, HD Cloud

Fox Creates Fox Digital Studios; rebranded Fox Atomic unit will create new and derivative content for digital platforms (it already has an original online development studio called 15 Gigs). (release)

Home Entertainment Spending Down 3.2 Percent in Q3; consumer spending on DVD, Blu-ray, digital distribution and pay TV fell to $4billion, but did outperform other consumer good categories. (Video Business)

HD Cloud Launches HD Accelerate; service claims it can transcode a two-hour movie in separate video formats in less than 10 minutes. (emailed release)

YouTube Launches Real-Time Comment Search; video site testing out feature to find what people are talking about. (YouTube Blog)

Pro Beach Volleyball to Use Silverlight; AVP signs a two year agreement with Microsoft to have Silverlight power live HD streaming. (

DVD and VOD Release Dates Getting Closer; average window between the two has fallen to 21 days and some studios are finding VOD does not cannibalize DVD sales. (Variety)

CNBC Releases iPhone App; offers stock quotes and clips, but no live video. (Business Insider)