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The Barnes & Noble Nook e-Book Reader Is a Knockout

The much ballyhooed e-book reader from Barnes & Noble (s bks) was officially announced today, as jkOnTheRun reports, and it has a good chance of giving Amazon’s (s amzn) Kindle a run for its money. The $259 Android-based Nook is smaller and thinner than originally thought, and has a small color LCD touchscreen at the bottom that augments the 6-inch E-ink screen above it. The Nook comes with free 3G via AT&T (s t), and launches the day after Spring Design’s similar device. You can find out much more about the impressive Nook here.

14 Responses to “The Barnes & Noble Nook e-Book Reader Is a Knockout”

  1. Phil garlington

    Barnes and Noble, after six weeks, sent me a new Nook. The machine itself is fine. The service sucked. The company rep had some reason why it took so long, and why nobody knew anything, but I’ve forgotten. I use the Nook mostly to download free books, and it’s great for that.

  2. Phil Garlington

    The Nook is a rook, at least when it comes to customer service. Mine broke after a month, but I’d purchased the warranty for an extra $60. I went to the B&N store in Santa Rosa, CA, where I got my Rook and arranged to ship the Rook back to the B&N office in Houston, to be repaired or replaced. That was five weeks ago and I’ve heard nothing. The nice sales mopes at the Santa Rosa Store have called Houston repeatedly but only get evasive answers. They’re sorry about it, but helpless. The B&N district manager doesn’t respond to e-mail or phone call. B&N customer service transfers my call to a “digital representative” but due to “the high volumn of calls” nobody answers. It may be that the Rook already is toast, victim of competitive forces, and B&N is cutting its losses by curtailing service. This has been the worst experience I’ve had with customer service, and I’m including the phone companies and Comcast. So I bought the book and the warranty, and have nothing, with no sign of help. I’ll probably have to take B&N to small claims to get my money back.

  3. Shawndoc

    One important thing to note, B&N does not include a web browser and has no plans to. So the “Free 3G” and “Free WiFi” are really only good for buying/transferring books, not for anything else.

    • ok. but is there something specifically stopping an android compatible browser from being installed? also will we have access to the android marketplace and all it’s apps?

      • I doubt the device itself contains much to work with ( pure Android build now a tangled, proprietary mess ), and its likely the packets are being sniffed by AT&T…

        So “no soup for you!”