Skype Is Coming to the Nokia N900

skype_logoSkype, the Internet telephony business of eBay (s EBAY) that is in the process of being sold to private investors for about $2 billion, is going to be making a debut on the forthcoming Nokia (s nok) N900 device powered by the Finnish company’s Maemo operating system.

This should come as good news for Nokia fans –- whom I affectionately refer to as Nokheads -– who are eagerly awaiting this multitasking phone-puter. Skype launched a version of its client for the Maemo platform in 2007. The Nokia N800 was the only device that supported Skype at the time.

A spokesperson on behalf of the Skype mobile team has confirmed that Skype for the N900 will be available by the end of October in North America and Europe when the N900 ships to the consumers. The software is integrated with the instant messaging software along side other services such as Google Talk. I just got it working on my loaner device that is using alpha-version of the Maemo OS.

Skype, thanks to its 450 million subscribers, is fast becoming a must-have application for any successful mobile platform. It’s among the most-downloaded apps on the iPhone (s aapl) platform. But Skype says it has no plans for launching a version of its software for the Palm Pre (s palm).

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