Got a Car? There’s an App for That

iphone-insightWhat used to be a luxury technology automobile option is now becoming more common. Integrated Bluetooth for hands-free conversations, audio jacks to stream tunes from a phone and GPS navigation units with voice guidance all come to mind. So what’s next after these solutions become standards? Apps that link your smartphone to your car just might be it.

Over at earth2tech, Josie Garthwaite breaks out eight up-and-coming software integrations for automobiles. I had already seen the Viper solution that turns your iPhone into a remote starter, so that one was familiar — and still not appealing due to the high price tag. But I missed the recent app for Zipcar as well as the Honda INSIGHT app that’s in the App Store approval process. With it, your phone tracks how eco-friendly your driving habits are. Unfortunately for me, I’ll have to pass on that one since my hybrid vehicle is a Toyota. I’ll just have to monitor my gas mileage the “old fashioned” way — by tweeting it to FuelFrog.

I’m interested in more smartphone app that work with cars, so if you’re using one, let me know.


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