Forget Windows Mobile 6.5. Look at Windows Mobile 6.5.1!


Did Windows Mobile 6.5 leave you wanting more? Hang in there — by all accounts, you’ll have to wait until the second half of 2010 for the next version, which is Windows Mobile 7. Or is it? Over at Download Squad I just read about newer Microsoft builds of WinMo 6.5 that are unofficially called version 6.5.1 by the user community. At first, I thought this was a version from the talented folks at XDA Developers, but as I dig around, it appears that Microsoft has created these newer builds.

Long Zheng has a few screenshots and I like what I see. For starters, some buttons and actions are down in a taskbar-like row on the bottom of the screen, providing more room for content. These look like icon-based actions, although some shots show labels in lieu of icons. The contacts app looks slightly refreshed, and some of the old-looking input screens also get a touch-up. Some of these builds have been leaked and packaged for specific devices, so Long recommends hitting up the XDA folks if you’re looking for something a little newer than the just-released Windows Mobile 6.5.

One of my issues with Microsoft’s mobile operating system is the lack of timely updates. I don’t see the same issue with Apple, Google, or Palm, for example. But this could be a positive sign that Redmond is finally looking to offer more incremental updates to its partner carriers or its customers.


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