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Cisco Data Shows Video Isn’t A Bandwidth Hog Yet

Cisco, which has predicted that video will drive incredible traffic growth for the web ahead, released data today based on information from 20 of the world’s ISPs that shows video usage hasn’t yet become the driver of broadband growth. The equipment maker said that worldwide, a broadband-connected household consumed 11.4 GB of data per month with 4.3 GB of that being video, social networking or collaboration. the content included in the 4.3 GB doesn’t include P2P video, although Cisco noted that P2P traffic as a percent of broadband traffic is on the decline.

Cisco did not break out the video data specifically, but said that for each connection each day, this amount is roughly the equivalent of approximately 20.5 short- form Internet videos or approximately 1.1 hours of Internet video, whether streamed on its own, embedded in a Web page, or viewed as part of video communications. For more, see the story at GigaOM.