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Bloomberg Chairman Peter Grauer To Ring Opening Bell At BSE To Celebrate Tie-Up With UTV

Bloomberg L.P. chairman Peter Grauer will ring the opening bell at the Bombay Stock Exchange on Friday Thursday to celebrate his company’s recent partnership with UTV, a spokesperson for the Mumbai-based media firm said. UTV is inviting the press for the photo op.

The event marks a departure from tradition as the opening bell on the Bombay Stock Exchange has usually featured a head of a company on its first day of listing.

In this case, Bloomberg (so far) only has a content partnership with UTV News, which is not listed on the BSE.

Industry sources say BSE’s new MD and CEO Madhu Kannan, who was formerly a senior official at NYSE Euronext, is keen to get a more diverse group of people to ring the opening bell. It’s not unusual for actors and sports stars to ring the opening bell at NYSE.