QUE e-Reader with Large Touchscreen, Powered by B&N


It must be national e-book day and nobody told me. Early this morning we heard about the dual-screen reader from Spring Design and now the folks at Plastic Logic have outed the QUE proReader. And by “outed,” I mean pre-announced — the official debut of the QUE isn’t until the Consumer Electronics Show in January of 2010. That’s when we’ll get some hands-on time with the 8.5″ by 11″ e-book that’s only a third of an inch thick. The Barnes & Noble online store will provide content through either Wi-Fi or 3G over AT&T’s network.

There’s not much else to go on in terms of specs, although Plastic Logic says the QUE offers “the largest touchscreen available.” I suspect that the screen is larger than Amazon’s 9.7-inch unit on the Kindle DX, although that’s not a touchscreen. I’m simply basing it on the fact that the QUE is slightly larger than the DX and may not have a hardware keyboard taking up space due to the touchscreen. No word on pricing yet, but all will become as clear as e-Ink between now and January 7th.