Palm Pre Coming to Verizon “Early Next Year”



Contrary to previous rumors that Verizon Wireless wouldn’t carry the Palm Pre, a simple tweet confirmed the opposite, says BGR. The official Verizon Wireless twitter account posted the update on Friday morning, stating that the Pre is coming “early next year.” That info pretty much jives with the assumed six-month exclusive deal that Palm (s palm) has with Sprint (s s), as the Pre launched in the U.S. back in June. I remember sitting in line early on a Saturday morning with Tyler and then posting early impressions.

After sitting on the superphone sidelines for nearly a year — the BlackBerry Storm was probably the biggest launch for VZW in the last 12 months — the landscape is about to change. With what’s arguably the best network in the U.S., Verizon is about to bring some top handsets into play: the BlackBerry Storm 2, the Motorola (s mot) Droid, and now the Palm Pre. This situation reminds me of something my math teacher used to tell me: Good handsets plus a good network equals great sales and increased market share. ;)

All jokes aside, I’m looking forward to what a Verizon Palm Pre will do for sales. I’ve said before that from an application standpoint, the Pre is a chicken-and-egg situation that needs quick resolution. Developers are targeting devices and platforms with a larger audience. If a handset is selling like hotcakes, you want your app on it because your potential audience is larger. But consumers may pass on devices with a limited application catalog, so the cycle continues. My hope is that with the Pre on Verizon, as well as other carriers around the world, sales cross over the 2 million unit mark by mid-2010. I think that’s the point we’ll start to see a strong interest in webOS from developers.



I have used palm devices since they first came out as the palm pilot. I have also used other brands since then in order to stay on as a verizon customer. For the type of business functionality I need, I have been anxious to have the latest palm re-join verizon. My verizon contract recently made me eligible for a discount on my next phone, but I will wait, and bypass the glitsy toys for a real business tool.


There are a considerable number of 3rd party developers looking to break away from contributing apps for the iPhone. The fact that there are tens and thousands of apps have made it difficult for most developers to make any profit.

It’s supply and demand…the more supply of apps, the lower you would have to price your apps to make a measly profit or even get noticed by consumers. Many smart 3rd party developers are already expanding their efforts into providing support and cloning or building apps for the Android and webOS (Palm Pre) operating systems.

iPhone will have no way to stop this natural phenomenon and once this continues to happen, everyone will realize there is nothing special about the iPhone when you can find just about the same app available on every other smartphone.


Verizon really seems to be building a large collection of smartphones regardless of platform… You have the Touch Pro 2 and Imagio on the Windows Mobile front (both of which are very favorable devices according to reports on PPCGeeks), and you have the Storm 2, Pre, and Droid on opposing fronts. With all the competition, they may just feel they don’t even need the iPhone… and they may just be right.

Kevin C. Tofel

Precisely what I thought (and still think) earlier this month although it was mainly due to Android offerings at that time:

“I’m thinking that Verizon will push the coverage and quality of their network along with the more open nature of Android. Essentially, they’ll say “iPhone owners, the phone is only as good as its network, so when you’re ready for a comparable phone that doesn’t drop calls or choke on 3G usage, let us know.”


From the new Verizon commercials that show that they have more coverage and show that they have a App for that. :) and now that they do have a lot of good smart phones, they will be one of the biggest wireless companies. Wait till they start using LTE and then things will get better. Kevin should you start getting that Storm2? :)

David Andrade

I agree. Verizon has no need for the iPhone and Apple’s issues when it will have top phones for WinMo, WebOS, RIM, and Android. Who needs an iPhone when you have everything else?

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