Lifestreambackup Becomes Backupify — Free Accounts (Worth $29) for WWD Readers


Backupify logoLifestreambackup, a service that Thursday reviewed back in August, is changing its name to Backupify. As the app now supports backup of several online services (Basecamp, Google Docs, Zoho Writer) that don’t really count as lifestreaming apps, the name was no longer appropriate (and there are some other reasons behind the change, too, as co-founder Rob May explains in this post).

To help promote the change, Backupify are kindly offering free 1-year subscriptions to the Backupify Basic plan to WWD readers, which would normally cost $29 per year. The Basic plan comes with 2Gb of storage and backs up a multitude of online services including Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket, Gmail, Basecamp, Twitter, Friendfeed, Google Docs, Zoho Writer, Delicious, Blogger and Hotmail. To claim your free account, just sign up at — this promotion will last for 24 hours.

Have you grabbed a free Backupify plan? Let us know your thoughts below!



I’ve been using the BYO Amazon S3 account plan ($25 a year), and I think it’s brilliant. All my data is backed up where I want it, and I can even grab it using an S3 browser and keep it local if I wish. Plus they are adding services regularly (Friendfeed and Gmail were added after I joined).

I’d recommend it.

Daryl Griffiths

Thanks Simon – I’ve grabbed a free plan and will post back here when I’ve had a play and it’s had a chance to run backups. Had a quick look round already though and it looks like it could be one of those useful “in the backgroup” services.

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