Dick Tracy to Get a BlackBerry — inPulse Smartwatch


Dick Tracy started our fascination with a communications device that is worn on the wrist like a watch. Admit it, when you see photos of watch phones you get all weak in the knees. OK, maybe that’s just me, but one day someone is going to make a watch phone that is something we’d actually want to wear in public. New photos have emerged today of a watch that is vying for a place on the wrists of crackberries everywhere. This watch is reported to be a concept produced by none other than Research In Motion (s rimm) itself, based on the BlackBerry platform.

BlackBerry Watch

According to the folks at Crackberry, the inPulse, as it’s being dubbed, has an OLED screen and is optimized for providing notifications when email arrives. It is a BlackBerry at its core, after all. What do you think — would you wear one?



I inherited the Seiko from my late older brother–we shared a love of gadgets. I just recently dipped my toe in the pool and ordered a quad band cell watch. I do believe its the “next big thing”.


I don’t have a blackberry (sorry kids, I’m an iPhoneholic). However, if they produce a similar one for the iPhone for $100 I’ll garantee you it would be on my X-mas list


Hands up who remembers the Seiko Data 2000? I had one, still have it, and it still works. Don’t wear it though because it isn’t waterproof, and would hate to get such a gem ruined.

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