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Climate Change Hoax: A supposed press release from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce claimed that the Chamber was reversing its controversial opinion on climate change. Oh wait, don’t be ridiculous, that was just the Yes Men — WSJ Environmental Capital Blog.

Green Phone Stats: ABI Research put out this research note last week that says only 7 percent of consumers would pay a premium for an environment handset, while 40 percent would choose a “green handset” if it was the same price and quality — ABI Research.

Waiting for a Make-or-Break Package: Zenn’s CEO is twiddling his thumbs waiting for the EEStor deliver, which is supposed to come before the end of this year. Who thinks they’ll miss that deadline and it’ll be a flop? — Toronto Star.

Ghosn Bullish on EVs, Of Course: Carlos Ghosn, the CEO of Nissan, says that EVs will account for 10 percent of car sales by 2020. He must not have read this report from Lux that says even with gas at $200 per barrel, both EVs and plug-in hybrids will make up only 4 percent of the world’s car sales by 2020. — GreenSheet.

Heresy on Transmission Lines: Grist takes an alternative look at transmission lines, which many in the industry say the more the merrier — Grist.

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Lake City

Zenn also lost a bid for DOE funds to build an R&D facility. Apparently the DOE does not pay to build R&D facilities. This does not bode well for a long term future for Zenn. IMHO Zenn/EEStor is working some kind of scam. I began following Zenn because I thought that the electric car idea was a good one, and they happened to be associated with a company on the verge of a breakthrough. Then … I started doing some research on my own, and didn’t like what I uncovered.

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