Cloudvox: OS X a Developer's Paradise

logoIf you’re launching an API or technically focused service, Cloudvox executives have some advice: Make sure you support Apple’s OS X. Cloudvox, which was built by startup Seven Scale, enables developers to bridge web applications with phone services. The company released its phone API platform last week and was surprised to see 53 percent of visitors were running OS X:

“What’s this mean when launching a technical product?  Most people’s first experiences — browser and potentially API client — will be on OS X.  There’s a single platform large enough to justify extra effort and specific docs.”

Meanwhile, Google’s year-old Chrome browser was used by 9 percent of visitors, doubling the number of Internet Explorer users. Unsurprisingly, the iPhone dominated mobile activity, accounting for just over 3 percent of all visitors.


Chrome’s audience of code writers and tech heads will grow by about 50 percent over the next year, the company predicted in its blog, while iPhone’s traction among the same users will double. Developers, take note.


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