Android Ecosystem — This Week in Android

Welcome to our newest Monday feature — Android Ecosystem! Is it just me or does it seem like Android is starting to dominate mobile news these days? Sure, there’s a new Windows Mobile version and phones that run it and we’re all wondering what Mozilla will be putting on the iPhone, but Android seems to be the hot topic.

And why not? We recently saw version 1.6 of the operating system and already there’s some good looks at version 2.0. Don’t forget that most Android phones up to now are built on similar hardware, too — just around the corner are Snapdragon-based handsets that could run at up to 1.0GHz. Of course, I’d rather use Android on a 1.33GHz CPU, but there’s a trade-off there. ;) One of those newer Android handsets might be hooked up with T-Mobile’s Project Dark — the Samsung Behold II looks to be launching on November 18th with an option to pay over time for the hardware.

Enough about hardware; what about software? Coming soon is Rhapsody for Android. The folks at Real Networks say that you’ll see, er hear, Rhapsody before the end of the year on Android handsets. Also breaking onto the Android scene this week is Agile Messenger. It’s free for the first 30-days and you can find it right in the Android Market. This app offers a single handset client for an integrated experience with instant messaging networks like MSN, AOL, Yahoo!, ICQ, GoogleTalk and XMPP servers.


Getting back to my original point about Android making more noise than other mobile platforms — do you agree? Does Google have the most momentum right now in the mobile space or is all this news just loud hype? I’m not suggesting that Android offers the best platform or experience, but it seems to be gaining speed and maturity in the market faster than everything else right now. Just my observation, which is easily arguable.


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