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DailyBooth Raises $1 Million For Photo Social Network

DailyBooth, a nine-month-old social network that lets users share photos in real-time, has raised $1 million in a round of funding from a group of big name investors and VC firms, according to the WSJ. Investors include VC firm Sequoia Capital, tech investor and incubator Betaworks, Digg co-founder Kevin Rose, angel investor Ron Conway, and Flickr co-founder Caterina Fake.

The site lets users share photos and track those that others upload in real-time. (A typical entry: A snapshot of someone looking at a webcam, with the accompanying statement, ‘can you tell i feel like crap?’) Co-founder Jon Wheatley tells the WSJ that the startup is currently focused on scaling its business — although it also has plans for premium offerings and other features, including photo-printing. The company claims six million unique visitors a month (Compete figures put traffic at just a fraction of that).

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