Weekend Vid Picks: Monty Python Reunited! (Again!)

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Forty years of Monty Python, and I don’t know anyone worth talking to who doesn’t hold them up as genius. And while the fact that they stopped working together for 20 years or so was a huge drag, it just makes their latest reunion hijinks all the more sweet.

This week’s publicity push was built around the new documentary Monty Python: Almost the Truth (the Lawyer’s Cut), which IFC will be airing in six installments starting Sunday, Oct. 18. So on Thursday, Oct. 15, the five surviving Pythons reunited at the Ziegfeld theater for a screening of the doc and a live Q&A with fans, which was live-streamed and archived on Ustream.

The event had no shortage of highlights, like Eric Idle singing The Galaxy Song from The Meaning of Life

But probably the most memorable wasn’t courtesy of the Pythons — a 10-year-old girl upstaged them with her reenactment of the Spanish Inquisition sketch.

The team also went on this Wednesday’s Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to…well, to pretty much just bring chaos to the Late Night stage in a four-part “interview.” Jimmy Fallon does a great job in this first part of playing along with the gang and allowing them to shine, while remaining very, very conscious of the fact that he’s in the presence of greatness. The iconic image of this interview is Jimmy sitting on the floor in between them, dwarfed. That’s before the water fight, of course.

The other big Python recent event was An Evening Without Monty Python in Los Angeles, a staged production of Python sketches directed by Eric Idle. The show closed Oct. 4 — did you not get to see it? Well, no worries, here’s a video of Eric Idle telling you all about it! Warning: May inspire urge to build time machine and buy tickets.

But if you can’t invent a time machine and/or can’t afford tickets, remember that Monty Python, much to our delight, has had a dedicated YouTube channel for months now, hosting a bunch of their classic sketches. So here is one of mine. It is the best ever. Don’t argue with me about it.

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