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C4 Planning Come Dine With Me Facebook App

Channel 4 is planning a Come Dine With Me Facebook app that would let fans of the TV show plan their own dinner parties through the social network.

The broadcaster is working with the show’s producer Granada (ITV (LSE: ITV) Studios) to spec out the app between them. The build has not yet been commissioned.

The TV show, in which amateur chefs compete for £1,000 by holding dinner parties for each other, has rocketed in popularity this year, with viewers switching on to the acerbic comments traded between participants and by the show’s narrator.

Channel 4 has observed that many people have already started to plan their own Come Dine With Me soirees. A Facebook app would be a good way to target the show’s age and class demographic, giving users a more structured way of organising events by leveraging their social graph of friends.

But the app is being conceived more as a brand builder for the show than an income generator.