WinMo Wrap — Upgrades to 6.5; AT&T Pure for a Penny


windows-mobile-6-5The week marches on and today being Saturday means it is time to recap the recent happenings in the world of Windows Mobile. Version 6.5 has only been officially out for a short while but upgrades for existing phones are already starting to appear. Owners of the HTC Touch Pro2 and the Snap can hit up the company’s web site and get upgrading to 6.5. The upgrade is for European phones but may just work elsewhere too. As always with firmware upgrades, be aware your phone will get wiped out so backup your important stuff before doing this.

The HTC Pure is a phone with WM6.5 already installed, and those in the U.S. looking for a cheap Windows phone can pick one up for just a penny with a new service agreement. Yep, you’ll have to go through Amazon instead of the carrier but to get a snazzy new phone for a penny, who cares? The Pure is a full-featured Windows phone with a 3.2-inch screen, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, onscreen keyboard and a 5 MP camera just for starters.

Speaking of upgrades, the first smartphone to use the fast Snapdragon processor, the Toshiba TG01, also has a free upgrade to Wm 6.5. The Tg01 is the sleek phone from Toshiba that uses that snappy Snapdragon to power the gorgeous touchscreen. The upgrade to WM6.5 is for English, German and French versions of the Tg01.

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