Talking About Mobile Media Devices — U.S. and UK Perspectives


thedigitallifestylenewBLast month I had the pleasure of joining in on Ian Dixon’s Media Center Show. The episode went live this past week and we had a good roundtable on mobile media devices. The “we” in this case included myself and three other knowledge gadget gurus. As the host and a longtime Microsoft MVP, Ian always facilitates and contributes to an informative show from the UK. Jose Ortiz, a fellow gadget blogger covered the west coast of the U.S. Jose is also a frequent commenter here, so it was a treat to meet him. Derek Dunipace, also from the UK, rounded out our quartet and had one of the first early looks at the ARCHOS Internet Tablet with Android.

Most of our focus was on mobile media on various devices, so we hit a wide range of handsets, media players like the new ZuneHD, and other gear. All of us shared what devices we carry and why — my answer was probably the most wishy-washy, simply because I often switch between my iPhone 3GS and my Palm Pre. From a media standpoint, I can get away with that because I have the ability to stream my entire music library to either from a Windows Home Server. That solution ought to work on Derek’s ARCHOS, not to mention most any other mobile device with a browser — it’s digital freedom, baby! :) Folks interested in mobile media on the go ought to enjoy this show. And I certainly enjoyed having the conversation with three of my peers. Good times!



I’m an avid listener of Ian Dixon’s media center podcast and I especially like the roundtable discussions; Kevin, I appreciate your input and comments on the wider impact and use of mobile devices. I hope you keep coming back to Ian’s show from time to time. These snapshots of the current state of play are always fascinating.

Kevin C. Tofel

Much appreciated, Sam. And I’m happy to join in with Ian any time he extends the offer. He’s a great guy and very knowledgeable about all things media. One of my fondest CES memories is bumping into Ian (out of the crowd of 120,000) back in 2006 and meeting him in person. :)

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