Get the Most from Your Gear On the Go


Over at jkOntheRun, Kevin has published an excellent post called “7 Rules of the Road for Maximum Mobile Bliss.” In it, he shares some maxims for getting the most out of your gadgets while on the road. His “mobile mantras” include:

  • Always buy a second battery for your main device
  • Carry a toolkit for drive restores
  • Have a backup plan for wireless connectivity
  • When not in use, turn off the juice
  • Invest in a useful web-based data storage and synchronization service (or provide your own)
  • Consider using the “lightest” tool for the task at hand
  • Tote a headset

Most web workers are on the road for at least some of the time, so go check out Kevin’s post and make sure you maximize your mobile productivity.

Share your tips for getting the most from your gadgets on the go below.

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