Android 2.0 Screens Show OS Maturity From Teenager to Young Adult


Image Credit: BGR

Image Credit: BGR

Wasn’t it just this morning I mentioned Android 2.0 appearing in some web logs? I was also wondering what you’d like to see in Android 2.0, but you’d better hurry up and answer. Or you can just skip listing what you’d like to see and have a peep for yourself. Boy Genius Report has an early build of 2.0 installed and offers a bunch of first looks. I’m already liking what I’m seeing as compared to Android 1.x — the operating system is quickly maturing in many positive ways.

There appears to be some similarities to the webOS Synergy feature found on the Palm Pre because I see contact integration with Facebook and a unified Inbox. I love that feature on my Pre and as a Gmail user with two accounts, this is a blessing. BGR also sees native Exchange integration for those that need it. The YouTube widget I mentioned prior is also confirmed to be in Android 2.0. And a new Car Home shortcut gathers activities you’d most likely do while driving — voice commands, getting directions and more. All in all, it’s looking great!

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