Android 2.0 Eclair — What are You Looking for in Your Dessert?


I don’t know who it is, but somebody has an early Android 2.0 build out there. And to think that some folks are still waiting for version 1.6! Yup, while Donut is on the dinner table now for many, the next dessert course is Eclair, which is appearing in a few web stat logs. I have no idea what’s in the works for Android 2.0 — other than a YouTube widget — but I suspect some developer types might. More importantly, what are you looking for in the next version of Android? I don’t use an Android device on a regular basis, so I’m staying mum for now. I do kick around an old G1 from time to time, and I’m seriously considering the augmentation of my Sprint plan with an Android handset. Now that you folks have told me I can easily swap between an Android phone and my Palm Pre on the same plan, I’m leaning heavily towards doing just that.

I won’t wait for Android 2.0 because that wait could be up to six months from now. But I will plan a purchase that has enough hardware power and internal storage to “future proof” the phone as much as possible. So how about it? What do you want to see improved or added in the tasty Eclair?


Kevin C. Tofel

Indeed he does and I just posted on that a few minutes ago. Looking GREAT and makes me wonder which current devices will see 2.0? Hard to tell right now…

Jonathan Balkind

I just hope it’ll run on my T-Mobile G1, better battery life would be nice… Root access by default, and multitouch in the browser would be much appreciated.

Hey, I can dream, right?

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