$800 MSI X-Slim X400 Arrives in U.S., I’d Opt for the X340



So a you need a notebook-sized display, but want the portability and light-weight of a netbook, eh? MSI has you covered. You could go with the 13-inch X-Slim line that’s been around for a bit, or you could jump up to the slightly bigger X400 that’s now for sale in the U.S. Laptoping reports two online retailers have the 14-incher in stock for $799.99. I double-checked and Excalibur PC does offer the X400, but Mwave is either out of stock, or never had it to begin with.

Like the other light-and-thin X-Slim notebooks, the X400 runs on a 1.3GHz Intel Core 2 Solo SU2700 CPU and integrated Intel 4500MHD graphics. In other words, you get better performance than a netbook but with some of the low-power benefits. You’ll need those benefits because the standard battery is estimated to last for up to four hours. The 14-inch display doesn’t gain you any pixels over its 13-inch cousins — it’s the same 1366 x 768 resolution found in the X300 line. In fact, for $120 less, the slightly smaller X340 at $679 offers a slightly faster CPU that uses less power (max TDP of 5.5W vs 10W), same graphics, storage and memory options. I’d be hard pressed to nab the X400 without comparing it to the X340.

Regardless, the 3.3-pound weight and 0.95-inch thickness might appeal to folks wanting a MacBook Air near-twin that runs Microsoft Windows.

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