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Nokia Comes With Music Had Only 107,000 Users In July

Free unlimited music for more than a year seemed like a good proposition, but, nine months after its launch, Nokia’s Comes With Music bundle is not proving particularly popular with consumers.

In July, the scheme had just 107,227 users across the nine countries in which it’s launched, according to figures Nokia (NYSE: NOK) sent out to labels and distributors, obtained by MusicAlly:

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One Response to “Nokia Comes With Music Had Only 107,000 Users In July”

  1. I got CWM a month ago as part of an upgrade with Orange (just before the iPhone announcement so I did kick myself a little) and I'm enjoying it.
    I started off using Spotify when at home but have been able to find much more of the music I like on CWM so have started to use that more.
    True, I wouldn't have gone for CWM purely on its own merits if it hadn't been included with my monthly plan of £20 odd quid a month.
    I'd like to be able to recommend music they should get if I'm unable to find it but I do think it's a bit underrated.