Google’s Bullish About Android; Analysts See It Blowing Past Apple’s iPhone By 2012


“Android adoption is about to explode,” declared Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt during the company’s Q3 earnings call yesterday. While Schmidt may be biased, a new smartphone forecast from Gartner yesterday also projects aggressive growth for the mobile operating system.

Gartner said Google (NSDQ: GOOG) Android is expected to exceed iPhone shipments by 2012, and be the second-largest smartphone operating system after Symbian, reports ComputerWorld. Gartner is now predicting that Android will make up 18 percent of all smartphones sold globally in 2012, representing about 94 million users out of 525 million. Interestingly, the analyst firm predicts that Research In Motion’s BlackBerry platform and Apple’s iPhone will be more of a niche play, by ranking BlackBerry third and Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) fourth. Gartner says Blackberry will make up about 13.9 percent of all smartphones, or about 73 million units and the iPhone OS will be on 13.6 percent of smartphones, with 71.5 million units sold.

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pc speicher

“Market share” doesn’t really matter to Apple. To Apple, it’s not about just the software, like Microsoft, or hardware, like Motorola. It’s about total use experience. What it matters to Apple is iPhone be the best in total experience. It matters if iPhone adds value to the brand and increases its value to sharehold. Just compare Nokia, Motorola, and Apple’s stock performance. If it happens to be the number 1 in market share, that’s icing on the cake. So many people (especially those so called “experts”) were skeptical about the iphone (even iPod) when it was anounced, only from thechnology or feature point of view. We all know what happened.

a big deal

Fix the storefront so content providers will care. Millions of handsets with storefronts that are crap means nothing. Apple's storefront is slick…thats why they can command attention.

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