Nokia Following up the N900 with an N920?

Image Credit: imobile365

Image Credit: imobile365

Nokia’s highly anticipated N900 isn’t even available to consumers, and there’s already rumors of its successor. Pocketables picked up on whispers of what’s called the N920, which appears to use a software keyboard only. That would make such a device thinner than the N900 but would likely require a solid software keyboard and better touchscreen. Ah, but that’s exactly what the rumor portends — the N920 is supposed to offer a 4.13-inch capacitive touchscreen in lieu of the N900’s resistive panel.

The limited information doesn’t really delve into any more specs, but I’d surmise that if this rumor pans out, the internals wouldn’t be that much different from those of the N900. It wouldn’t surprise me if Nokia has already planned out what’s next in the product line. In fact, I could see this type of handset as the keyboard-less option to the N900.

What’s the consensus on a Maemo device without a hardware keyboard? With the capacitive display, I think it would be just fine and would probably shave the thickness of the handset in half.


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